I am receiving unwanted/harassing text through Nextplus, what do I do?

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 03:12PM PDT
We built Nextplus to let friends communicate more easily.  Harassment, cyber bullying, or sending inappropriate messages are all serious violations of our terms of use and if we find a user to be doing any of these, we will ban them from our service.  

Remember never to share pictures with people you do not know.  Be very careful of what you send to people you do know.  Submissions that promote drug use, nudity, violence or hate speech will not be tolerated.  Any of these are grounds for immediate dismissal from our service and could be grounds for legal prosecution against the abuser by the recipient.

If you are receiving anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or harassed, please email support@textplus.com immediately with the Nextplus phone number/username and your number (that is, the number receiving the inappropriate messages).

If you feel threatened, we encourage you to contact your local police department.  They may reach us at lawenforcement@textplusteam.com