Existing textPlus Users

Last Updated: May 19, 2015 09:20AM PDT
Nextplus is the newest messaging application, powered by textPlus.  Fear not, textPlus users can migrate over to Nextplus to enjoy the same great features as textPlus in addition to animated GIF support, stickers, instant delivery, online user status and more. 

textPlus users can log into Nextplus with

  • Email
  • Verified phone number
  • Username
Log into Nextplus with your existing textPlus credentials in the login page.  You can view your textPlus phone number, avatar, and verified information along with any subscriptions or messages.

If you're trying to log into Nextplus with your textPlus account info:

Verify an email address on textPlus so you can easily log into Nextplus: navigate to your textPlus Menu > Settings > Contact Info.  Once your email address is verified, you can use it as your Nextplus username or to retrieve your password when you tap "Forgot Password?" on Nextplus login page. 

Send messages between textPlus and Nextplus

To send a message from textPlus to Nextplus or vice versa, you'll need to enter your contact's textPlus or Nextplus phone number.