iOS - How to send pictures and gifs

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2015 01:23PM PST
Now, you can send gifs, stickers, and photos with Nextplus!

To send a picture message from your iOS device:

1. Select the conversation for which you'd like to attach a photo
2. Select  to the left of the "Compose Message" field
3. Choose among the multimedia options

Take a photo, choose from your library, send a gif, or send a sticker.

Save your favorite animated GIFs by tapping the heart located below the GIF.  Your favorite GIFs will populate in the tab My GIFs.


Sending pictures to a mobile phone number

We currently support receiving MMS picture messages with all carriers in the US and Canada with the exception of T-Mobile and Cricket. We hope to have T-Mobile and Criacket supported very soon.